Welcome to today’s quick review of the Boss BR800 Digital Multitrack recorder.

As you can see from the photo it’s looks to be a great piece of kit, lots of sliders and sleek touch

sensitive control surface. I know this has been a round for a while but we’ve heard so many great things about this one we had to see for ourselves.

So what does this portable baby do, the unit is very easy to operate and very well laid out so you know where everything is.
Because the unit is a compact size you can slip it into your bag and be on your way to your rehearsals.
For personal use you have a headphone port on the left and the Guitar or Bass port on the right (1/4″ Phone type) so straight away you can plug in and start jamming.





You can set up your drum patterns on the machine there is in total 327 patterns including intros, verses and endings in various styles but you can also install the software and create your own bespoke drum patterns if you write your own songs or doing covers.
The button next to the Rhythm is the effects button, this has the on-board Boss GT10/GT10B Effects processor, VE20 Vocal Effects and COSM-based acoustic guitar modelling.





At the top of the unit on the sides you have two inbuilt microphones so you don’t have to have microphones plugged in if you are writing a new song you can play and sing on different channels.
The Boss BR800 does have 4 Mic inputs on the back.


So you can if you needed mic up a drum set on multiple inputs although the Boss BR800 only has one input with phantom power so you wont be able to use a matched pair of condensers!
The other ports on the back are Line in, Foot Pedal, and line out. The foot pedal you can use with the built in Wah effect amongst others.
As we said earlier the Boss BR800 is easy to use, in order to start recording you just arm one of the tracks then start recording. The BR-800 is a great machine that most guitarists would find easy to use and quick to setup.

Manufacturer: Boss
Type: BR-800
Price: £299.00

[usrlist “Ease of Use:5” “Functions:4.5” “Price:4.5” “Overall:5” ]